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IPO (Initial Public Offering)

Why Go Public

It is one certain way to improve your company’s opportunities for success. A public offering of your company’s shares will both provide funds to promote growth by way of acquisition and internal expansion and liquidity to your investment in the company. More
superior advantages of IPO over private debt borrowing and equity loan financing are:

  • Larger amounts of capital can generally be made available from substantial local and in some cases, foreign public capital.
  • The resulting improved equity position of your company, if the need arises, may enable you to obtain debt financing (loans) more easily and on better terms.
  • A higher calibre of employee can be attracted to the company and retained through the use of stock options.
  • Once your company is listed for trading on a local or foreign stock exchange, shareholders will have a ready market for their shares.
  • Additional shares can be issued later to increase available capital further.
  • Business will improve due to the enhance prestige the company gets from publicity through an IPO and the eventual public listing on local or foreign exchange or both.
  • There are psychological benefits (corporate vitality) for your employees at a time, which is looked upon as a milestone in the growth of your company.
  • The shares of the company may be distributed across a wider geographical base where you might not otherwise have had an exposure.

How Can We Help You Go Public

Our financing teams posses’ unparallel experience in the preparation, structuring and processing of IPO transactions involving both existing and established and Greenfield (start-ups or new) companies. When preparing your company to go public, we will expertly structure and guide the whole process through our three crucial stages:

  1. Conduction Due Diligence and preparation of Preliminary Financial Plan
  2. Preparation of Final Pre-Bidding Documents
  3. Hold and Manage “the CONTEST“* for underwriting (placement) the Issue between Investment Banks and Underwriters.

We also provide a variety of individual pre-listing services and participate by providing other corporate and business tasks including:

  • Preparation of Preliminary and Advanced Business Plan
  • Preparation of Preliminary and Advanced Financial Plan
  • Preparation of Information Memorandum
  • Preparation of Circulars and Prospectuses
  • Arrange Distribution & Placement - by CONTEST*
  • Online Roadshows and Promotion of Issues

* Experience proves that the Contest process is the most cost-efficient method available substantially reducing the structuring costs of an IPO and competitively determining fees and commissions of underwriters.

Why Fundmore And Not Merrill Lynch

In the Emerging Markets, almost all enterprises and companies are categorized as small by western standards. In most of these countries, the greatest majority of companies, both listed and unlisted on a local stock exchange are family owned with a capitalization value of $15 million and less. These companies usually do not meet the ‘minimum transaction volume’ necessary to justify the involvement of Merrill Lynch or most other international investment banks. Our services are not constrained by transaction volumes. We will consider providing IPO services to companies with $1,000,000 capitalization and over.

GDR (Global Depository Receipts)

GDR and ADR (American Depository Receipts) services involving listed companies of the Emerging Markets will include:

  • Focused due diligence on company structure and management
  • Preparation of the required shares to the Deposit
  • Arranging for Depository Bank/Agent and delivery of Shares

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