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Fundmore’s Merchant Bank Portal (MBP) is the intended virtual marketplace where the capital markets interests and functions and the emerging markets needs for fair services and cost-effective capital are linked, equitably interfaced and matched. A large array of content-driven custom-designed software of financial products is being developed, aiming to harness the transforming powers of the Internet, to deliver, what is woefully lacking: choice and quality of financial services, transparency and liquidity to the Emerging Markets.

Fundmore invites subscribers to submit a limited number of documented deals and development projects for FREE feasibility assessment by our highly professional team.
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Fundmore invites subscribers to submit the Executive Summaries of a limited number of Offerings: co-investment, joint venture and joint-development proposals for FREE feasibility assessment by our highly professional team.
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From our Research
There is a need to reinvent the BOT, BOO and BOOT project financing model
Witness the past decade, the BOT project financing model was highjacked by large western engineering, construction and multinational utility companies, claiming that they alone have the resources and the means to successfully develop and finance BOT type projects in the Emerging Markets. Those handful of “major players” rely upon their large financial resources, leveraged by cozy relations with international and regional banks, export credit agencies, multi-lateral agencies and a number of major investment banks, to decide and control the development of essential infrastructure projects in the Emerging Markets. Practices and consequences:

  • politically inspired elitist practices;
  • collusion with manufactures, traders, suppliers, engineering and construction companies;
  • distortion of the real equity value of project sponsors (usual equity claims; 25% - 30%) most of it is attributed for front-end development costs;
  • substantial increases in project costs due to parallel increase in debit finance requirements;
  • exorbitant (returns on equity)expectations, in some cases exceeding 23% PA;
  • unwarranted increase in the cost of the production unit to local end users;
  • lack of transparency and stifling of competition;
  • compromising the main tenant of BOT projects of its “limited or no recourse” debit financing, resulting in the unwelcome burden of increasing the national debt of the host country.

Fundmore will proactively use its extensive financial engineering experience and knowledge of these emerging markets, to harness the transforming powers of the Internet to loosen the multinationals grip over this essential development sector to the emerging markets countries. A number of measures are planned including:

  1. Open the project processes to the multitude of medium size firms, qualified to undertake the planning and execution of all types and sizes of projects;
  2. Give equity investors, fund managers and institutional investors, first-mover  advantage in accessing  BOT type project, to participate and to impact the  planning , supervision and execution events of projects;
  3. By way of competitive online open tenders, seek the participation of suppliers, contractors, subcontractors, engineering, sub-traders, operators  and managers;
  4. Offer governments sound alternatives to their costly reliance upon  Multinationals as project sponsors.
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